Review『Philippine Coconut Vinegar "Suka Pinakurat"』 (Ratings)


Hi, I’m Jinta from Japan.

This time, I ordered “Suka Pinakurat,” a coconut vinegar from the Philippines, and will review its actual taste.


When I was talking with a Filipino teacher in an online English conversation class, this “Suka Pinakurat” came up. We were just talking about Japanese soy sauce. I asked him if he knew of any traditional seasonings. He said,

Yes, coconut vinegar!

Coconut vinegar… Are you serious?

This unimaginable coconut vinegar is a traditional food in the Philippines. Is this true? I asked many teachers and found out that all Filipinos know about it (laugh).


I wondered if such a thing could be bought in Japan. I looked for it and found that it is usually sold by mail order!

So this time, I ordered coconut vinegar from the Philippines, and I’m going to try it for myself! I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s get started!

Philippine Coconut Vinegar Suka Pinakurat review How to use



What is Suka Pinakurat?

Product Introduction

suka pinakurat スカピナクラット

Suka Pinakurat originates from Iligan City, Philippines. It is different from Japanese rice vinegar. The main ingredient is coconut. It is a vinegar made by fermenting coconut sap. It is characterized by its pungent and peppery flavor rather than its acidity!

The English translation of the Visayan product name is

  • suka:vinegar
  • pinakurat:Surprised

It will be. It’s a surprising vinegar when you put it in your mouth. A little scary.💦


suka pinakurat スカピナクラット 原材料

Transcribe the raw materials on the product label.

  • coconut vinegar
  • red pepper
  • garlic 
  • onion
  • ginger
  • bell bell pepper
  • salt

▼These raw materials will precipitate after some time, as shown in this picture. So they are firmly contained as solids. That is why you need to shake it well before use.

suka pinakurat スカピナクラット 沈殿物

How to use

suka pinakurat スカピナクラット 使い方

There is nothing difficult about it. It’s a dipping sauce kind of use. You dip your food in this sauce and eat it.

The label states the following.

Try it with lechon, barbecue, broiled, grilled and roasted meat, fish and seafood. Shake well before using.

Since I am taking an online English conversation course, I asked my Filipino teachers how to use it. And they answered as follows

  • Lechon (roasted pork)
  • Fried chicken
  • Boiled meat
  • Dried fish
  • Marinated fish
  • adobo

Moreover, it is said that the products introduced in this article are positioned to be bought with excitement. In many cases, they blend raw materials to make homemade products. Interesting.


Coconut Vinegar Tasting

I’ll take it out of the container and lick it as is.

suka pinakurat スカピナクラット 味見

Spicier than I imagined! The spiciness of the chili pepper is very effective. The unique flavor is also exotic.

Coconut Vinegar Cooking

Now let’s try it with food. Although it is a dish, it can be used like a dipping sauce, so all you have to do is dip it in.

Fried chicken

I started with the standard fried chicken.

ココナッツビネガー フライドチキン

It will be served dipped.

suka pinakurat スカピナクラット フライドチキン

The sour spicy sauce goes well with the warm chicken. It also seems to help remove the smell of the meat. Delicious!

▼Check out coconut vinegar.

Salad chicken

ココナッツビネガー サラダチキン

suka pinakurat スカピナクラット サラダチキン

Fried fish

ココナッツビネガー 魚フライ

suka pinakurat スカピナクラット 魚フライ

Marinated Salmon

You can also use it to marinate sashimi. Prepare salmon and onions. Make the marinade with coconut vinegar. Olive oil (1 tablespoon), coconut vinegar (2 tablespoons), sugar (1 teaspoon).

ココナッツビネガー サーモンマリネ

Once all the ingredients are mixed together, store in the refrigerator for the desired amount of time.

ココナッツ酢 サーモンマリネ

Finished marinated salmon with coconut vinegar♬

suka pinakurat スカピナクラット サーモンマリネ

The spicy sauce makes an appetizing Asian-style marinade. Very tasty.

Fresh spring roll

ココナッツ酢 生春巻き

Ebisen (chips)

They are also delicious dipped in shrimp and other chips. If you like spicy, addictive chips!

ココナッツビネガー チップス えびせん

▼Check out coconut vinegar.



In this issue, we introduced “Suca Pinakurat,” a soul food coconut vinegar from the Philippines. This vinegar is made from coconut, which is not so familiar in Japan. Spices such as garlic, ginger, and chili pepper were also used to give it a unique flavor. The spiciness is very high. Be careful not to soak it too much. It is a must-try for spicy food lovers.


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