How to make fish bone crackers in the microwave!



 If you have fresh fish, it is pity to waste its born. Mottainai !


You can prepare stock from its umami and also can eat after softening it.


In case of small fishes like horse mackerel or pacific saury, I strongly recommend to make fish bone crackers. It is not just tasty but also healthy. For children and old people, it is happy to have calcium. And one more good thing is “No garbage”.


Normally you think it is troublesome to fry fish bones. However what I would like to say this time is that “You do not need to fry it”. Just use your microwave!!!


From now on, I will introduce how to make fish bone crackers in the microwave. It is quite easy. 



How to make fish bone crackers

(This time, I use 4 horse mackerels)

1. Cut bones into easy-to-eat sizes.

2. Remove dark red meat.

3. Remove moisture with paper kitchen towel.

4. Place bones in heat-resistant dish like the photo below.f:id:DadTech:20191011220659j:plain

5. Warm up them in the microwave(700w, 6minites)


JUST Enjoy!




  • No need any seasoning when fish bones are fresh enough. Want to enjoy its original taste.
  • When you place bones in the dish, it is good to lean against the dish-wall. Do not contact with each other as much as possible.  Bones will stick to anything during heat-up. 
  • Unfried cooking ! Healthy !

Why don’t your try it ?



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